Osho Pulsation Training 2021/2022

By Aneesha Dillon;
director: Magna David Rasulo;
with Maitri Paola Gradara and Pulsation Team.

(In Italy, scheduled at Istituto Osho Miasto)

Osho Pulsation Bodywork is a method of self-exploration and personal growth, which works through the body and the life energy system, to re-claim our natural aliveness and expressiveness.

Pulsation’s body-based approach to personal growth is deeply rooted in the revolutionary work of Wilhelm Reich, and is guided by some of the ‘maps’ of body energy flow which he discovered.

Techniques using breathing, body movements, and expressive sounds, form a framework to explore the phenomenon of biological tension and release, also his discovery, called the ‘orgasm formula’. Reich’s idea was that many psychological problems have their origins in a disturbance of this natural regulatory function of energetic charge and discharge, which governs spontaneous emotional release as well as uninhibited sexual orgasm.

Conditioning and De-Conditioning

Whenever we block a sexual feeling, stuff down our rage, or swallow our tears, we activate a powerful regulatory system in the body which Reich called ‘muscular armour’. The effort to control emotional expression creates a tension in the musculature, which blocks the flow of feeling through the body. Through the unconscious tension of muscular armouring we become ‘cut off’ emotionally, fragmented psychologically, and energetically divided against ourselves.

Pulsation restores a sense of wholeness by reclaiming the rejected and disowned feelings which we have pushed down into the unconscious, the ‘basement’ of mour being. Through deep neo-Reichian breathing and direct ‘hands-on’ work to loosen the muscular armour, we tap into emotional, biological, and instinctual layers which connect us with the Life Force itself.

Once the inner pressure of unexpressed emotions is released, a profound relaxation follows, deep into the core. We are able to settle into ourselves more easily in silence and meditation.

Active Meditation

The Pulsation Process is supported by OSHO’s Active Meditations like the Dynamic and Kundalini, and others of his meditations, which fit so beautifully with Reich’s understanding. Osho designed his Active meditations especially for contemporary men and women, stressed out by hectic lifestyles, to gradually move from the busy periphery to the silent core of being.

Meditation can give wings to the roots we are growing into the earth through our exploration of the body and its feelings. Through Pulsation we become part of the meeting of earth and sky; we learn to accept the whole rainbow of human feeling, from its animal roots in nature, through the human heart, towards the flowering of spirit.

The  Training has two Streams interweaving along a three years path: the “Process”, more experiential, and the “Professional Training”, more educational.

The “Process” offers a self-growth and discovery journey that moves through a series of physical and emotional experiences focused on the contact with the muscular and psychological armouring and the release of tensions, to restore the natural flow of vitality and the connection with our “Essential Core”.

The “Professional Training” deepens the theory and the techniques needed to gain confidence for working with emotions and emotional release, for those who are currently working with people. In addition, it provides an excellent foundation for developing therapeutic skills as an “Osho Pulsation Bodywork Practitioner”.

The first year, Basic Training, divided into three 7 days modules. Each module is accessible as a stand-alone experience open to everyone in whatever order. It addresses to different aspects off the Process. A unique approach to body movement, to the breath and the emotions, introducing the participants to a personal deep discovery and integration.

The second year, Advanced Training, accessible only after having completed the first year, divided into three 7 days modules, each leading up to the next one. Suitable for those who want to bring the experience of the Process to a deeper level, beginning also to include some aspects of the Professional Training here experienced as tools to make the self-growth path more complete.

The third year, Supervision Training, mainly oriented to whom is interested in the Professional Training and has already completed the second year. It articulates in a path that includes supervision, deepening of the theory and the techniques and a period of internship. The personal work develops further including an introduction of the experience of leading classes and groups and the facilitation of individual sessions.


Opening, Freeing, Living: the Basic Training

with Magna David Rasulo, Maitri Paola Gradara and Pulsation Team

A deep journey dealing with the experiential stream of the Training, divided into three modules, each accessible as a stand-alone experience and includes 50-60 hours of theory, self-exploration and practice.

We will present the Reichian Theory that underlies the work and in an atmosphere of love and support, we will be able to relax tensions and blocks in the body and the energy field, blocks which also prevent us from feeling positive feelings, pleasure and happiness.

In Pulsation we allow both outward expression and expansion with active bodywork and an inner relaxation, a deep let-go in silence and meditation, where trust is felt as a welcoming in of life.

“Re-Opening to feeling” – Basic Training 1 (next one in Miasto in 2021, September 26 to 30)

This group starts with three days to riconnect with the body, beginning to discover and to let go tensions not anymore needed, to intensify the flow of vital energy.
An “antistress weekend” to be able to return to daily life unburdened and rigenerated.

In the following 4 days we will use breathing and movement to open the body to a more profound energy flow inside. As we enter inwards, feelings and emotions that have been too long repressed begin to move and express, frozenness on many levels begins to melt.

Topics covered:

  • Grounding;
  • the Reichian Breathing;
  • healing emotional wounds from the past;
  • the seven Segments of the Muscular Armouring;
  • the ocular segment release;
  • the oral and cervical segment release;
  • the Individual Session.


“Freeing the body” – Basic Training 2 (2021 November 26-December 2)

In this second part of the Training, we will deepen the understanding of the Reichian Theory, combined with continued self-experience and individual sessions for all participants.

Topics covered will be:

  • what is Pulsation;
  • Energy: the Life Force;
  • the Breathing Pulsation;
  • energetic Charge and Discharge;
  • Reich’s Orgasm Formula;
  • the thoracic segment release;
  • exploration of the diaphragmatic segment;


“Living the aliveness” – Basic Training 3 (2022 May)

In part three we will continue our personal exploration, and will cover further points of Reichian Theory. Additionally, participants will begin to exchange sessions within the group, to get a feeling for the hands-on work taught in the Advanced Training.

Topics covered will be:

  • Pulsation and Counter-Pulsation;
  • understanding the De-Armouring process;
  • the Feeling Pairs: Anger/Love, Fear/Trust, Pain/Pleasure;
  • the Emotional Types by Charles Kelley;
  • exploration of the belly and the pelvis;
  • an introduction to the Self-Direction and Purpose work;
  • preview of the Advanced Training.


Deepening, Integrating, Expanding: the Advanced Training

with Magna David Rasulo, Maitri Paola Gradara and Pulsation Team

The Advanced Training is available for whoever has completed the three Basic modules or accomplished an equivalent Osho Pulsation Bodywork experience.
Each module of this second year is leading up to the next one and includes 50-60 hours of theory, self-exploration and practice.

Exercises, meditations, theory and practice, sharing moments and session exchanges will lead us into the journey of the second year training, deepening issues, feelings and emotional memory located in the seven segments of the muscular armouring. Emotional anatomy will be taught, as well as the theory of de-armouring and hands-on skills of giving Pulsation sessions.

A personal and deep emotional learning can happen while practicing sessions together. We will explore the qualities of presence, empathy, and ‘holding the space’ for another, containment.

Only a therapist that has been deeply involved in a self-discovery work is then also able to create the essential conditions to support the client in a significant growth process.

From their self-experience, the participants will learn how to guide a partner through a session of breathing, expressive body movements and vocal sounds, which can lead to spontaneous emotional release.

The Advanced Modules are scheduled for 2022/2023.

Advanced Training 1 

  • Grounding (contact with legs, feet, the roots, and also the eyes);
  • the inner space of the facilitator;
  • the facilitator and client relation: basics;
  • giving and observing sessions: basics;
  • the breathing and the reichian touch;
  • working with the ocular segment;
  • working with the oral and cervical segments.

Advanced Training 2 

  • The neo-reichian body types;
  • giving and observing sessions: deepening;
  • supporting with words;
  • client’s active movements and facilitator’s active interventions;
  • working with the thoracic segment;
  • working with the diaphragmatic segment.

Advanced Training 3 

  • Giving and observing sessions: deepening;
  • the facilitator and client relation: deepening;
  • working with the abdominal segment;
  • working with the pelvic segment;
  • sexuality, sensuality and pleasure;
  • preview of the third year of the training.



Osho Pulsation Supervision Training: the third year

with Aneesha Dillon and Pulsation Team

To adapt the educational path to the international standards of the Training, it is established one year of integration and deepening, needed to conclude the process and to start working as an Osho Pulsation Bodyworker.

The third year provides to participate in some mandatory activities and the acquisition of further tools in some specific suggested groups and courses.

Mandatory Activities

After having completed the Basic and the Advanced Training, the student will have to:

  • Take part to a first Supervision Group, after having given 5 individual sessions to one or more clients, subjects of discussion during the course. We will deepen some personal growth experiences and go over specific tools to support the individual work and learn the structures to lead weekly Pulsation Classes of 2 or 3 hours. A five days Supervision Group will happen every year. It will be a precious moment not only to expand our professional skills and bring on our personal formation path but also to meet old friends and fellow travellers, sharing experiences and celebrate our energies, going deeper in the body and breath work.
  • Give 15 more individual session, bringing 5 of them to be supervised live or on Skype with the teachers of the Training.
  • Receive 10 individual sessions.
  • Assist two weeks of the Training or of Osho Pulsation Bodywork groups (15 days).
  • Lead two cycles of classes (each of 6 -two or three hours- meetings), following the structure given during the first Supervision Group.
  • Participate in a Primal Awareness group.
  • Take part to a second Supervision Group in which the student will have the Test Session in front of the colleagues and the teachers of the Training, to receive from Aneesha a qualifying feedback to practice the work.


Suggested Activities

Even if not part of the compulsory requirements, just to expand and to deepen the professional and personal growth path, you are suggested to integrate your educational process with these groups and courses:

  • A massage course, to refine the ability to touch the body of the client in the individual work.