New ONLINE Osho Pulsation Bodywork Class Series

Practice on a Path to Aliveness

A new 6 Class Series of 90 minutes each.

Every Wednesday from May 5 through June 9 from 7PM to 8:30pm (CET), in collaboration with “IStituto Osho Miasto“.

Lead by Aneesha, the facilitators and teachers of the Training, with the support of experienced and certified practitioners in the method, some elements of the work of Osho Pulsation Bodywork will be deepened, exploring our connection with the body and the aliveness.

Each facilitator will lead exercises of body movements, breathing and awareness in the typical “Reichian” approach, providing brief explanations and space for personal sharing, with a particular attention to the practical experience.

In addition, simple techniques will be proposed to experiment on your own during the week, to keep the connection with the body alive.

In an intimate and safe atmosphere in which everyone can decide how much to get involved to let go of physical and emotional stress, to revitalize themselves and to reconnect to the nourishing depths of the Inner Center.

It may be useful to prepare a private and comfortable space in which to sit, lie down and even move around standing. A blanket and a pillow.

Each meeting is complete in itself and can also be attended individually, at any date you decide to participate.

English and Italian translation available for all the meetings.

1 – The Life Force, Wild and Innocent

5 May 7pm to 8:30pm CET with Magna David Rasulo

Our body and so our consciousness, along the years of our life, pulled by a powerful Life Force, have developed moving through many changes and transformations. 
Even now that force keeps on flowing, trying to sustain our balance and wellbeing and even impelling us to evolve and expand towards our unfulfilled longings, towards our own personal and often unconscious purpose of life.

A process creating in us frictions and tensions, meeting old believes and conditioning we have while we begin to feel that a change could be needed in the way we move in our life, starting to realize that the priorities of our needs are now different and that maybe our creativity is seeking for a different or a more complete way of expression.

Being able more and more to perceive and to be inspired by that flow, can give us a good feeling of solidity and trust in life, supporting us whatever is the experience we are facing in our daily living.

In this Class we will connect and play with our Life Force through the more basic streams of movements and expressions of our body that bring us back to our animal nature and also to the experience of discovering ourselves we had as babies.

A letting go to ourselves and daring exploration, with respect and curiosity, melting tensions and coming closer again to the alive, fresh and loving feeling to have a body.

2 – From Tensions to Relaxation

12 May 7pm to 8:30pm CET with Maitri Paola Gradara

Tension is like a ripple of a wave, that ripple shows you the direction of the wave. 

Through the exploration of that tension you can understand how to orient yourself, it becomes like an anchor that takes you straight to your feeling.

By discovering the qualities of tension, by perceiving its substance, by expressing it, you direct yourself into the inner ocean.
In the dive you flow between the various layers characterizing the waves, the densest ripples, the most sparkling or sweet ones and you learn to move by recognizing how to let yourself be absorbed in the stillness of relaxation.

3 –  Surfing the emotions

19 May 7pm to 8:30pm CET with Devi Deniz Karadenizli and Lahar Cornelia De Girolamo

According to Reich, emotions are basically waves of energy which flow through the body and look for expressions and release. Therefore by blocking and repressing them, we not only damage our natural emotional expressions but also our energy system. 

In Reichian work, there is a relationship between the emotional control and the muscular rigidity as some muscles are connected to the specific expression of energy.  The habit of holding back the emotions and energy flow is the underlying cause of the so-called muscular armoring.  

Our breath is also intimately connected to emotional and expressive life of our body and its energy.  

In this meeting, we will connect to our basic emotions through energetic movements and patterns of breath while grounding ourselves in our most reliable resource: our own bodies. 

In a protected atmosphere, in a soft and delicate way, we will feel the support of our body to be able to “surf” through the emotions.

4 – The Pulsation of Life

26 May 7pm to 8:30pm CET with Leela Federica Araco

Studying amoebas under the microscope, Wilhelm Reich sensed that the complex vital functions of our organism, if considered as a whole, resemble those of a single-celled being. 

By rhythmically alternating closing and opening movements, we too move towards the outside to get what we need to survive and then return inside, in contact with our most intimate core, in a state of satisfied rest.

In this meeting we will explore the fundamental oscillation of the pulsation of life, through the two polarities of our physical and energetic system: the inside and the outside, the core and the periphery.

5 – Embodied Duality: Rhythms of Feminine & Masculine

2 June 7pm to 8:30pm CET with Nirdosh Pierluigi Andreassi

“Moving towards reality you will have to accept your whole being. You are man-woman together. Nobody is just man and nobody is just woman. And this is beautiful that you are both because that gives richness to your life, to your being. It gives you many colors. You are the whole spectrum, the whole rainbow, you are not a single color. All colors are yours.”  Osho 

How do you feel the masculine and feminine in your body? Do you allow yourself to embody, express and sense certain energies? Often our conditioning forced us to identify only with a part of the richness and variety that was available as our birth right, burying and resisting  the expression of the counterpart with tensions and holdings.

In this class we will explore the deeply embodied manifestation and dialog of the masculine and feminine energies inside us.  The spectrum, as Osho says, of essential qualities that can manifest, be felt and expressed through the body.

6 – The Chakra Journey

9 June 7pm to 8:30pm CET with Aneesha Dillon

The Chakras are like little bio-energy sub-stations located inside the body, that regulate the ebb and flow of life energy through the organs, nerves, and muscular structures in the body.

The chakras are positioned in front of the spine, and each chakra ‘oversees’ its own section of the body, as well as the feelings, energies, and emotions that are felt, expressed, and blocked there. In Pulsation we call these different parts of the body “muscular segments”, similar to the segments of a worm or caterpillar.

In the “Chakra Journey” we travel up through the chakras, using breath, body movements and sounds, to awaken the instinctual, animal energies that live in the three lower centers/segments.
We explore the human feelings of the heart center, melting what is frozen there. 
Rising upwards through the throat, the third eye, and the crown we open to the wings of spirit and the state of wholeness that is our essential nature. 

Liberating these energies restores a more relaxed and natural flow and balance throughout our bio-energy system.

Each single meeting counts on a minimum contribution of at least € 15.00.

Those who decide to attend the entire course of 6 meetings can offer a minimum contribution of at least € 80.00.

These activities require the CONACREIS membership renewed to 2021 (available for € 18,00).

Payments can be made by bank transfer, credit card or Pay Pal.

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