Osho Pulsation online course

A Path to Aliveness

A Path to Aliveness is an invitation for six online meetings to awaken your vitality together with the Osho Pulsation Team in collaboration with “Istituto Osho Miasto“.

Six dates of two hours each, every Wednesday from 6pm to 8pm (CET) starting from February the 3rd until March 10th.

Each meeting is complete in itself and can also be attended individually, at any date you decide to participate.

Suitable for both beginners and more experienced practitioners, these six Osho Pulsation Bodywork meetings will allow us to understand better the theory on which this method is founded and at the same time to start a personal work of softening some of the tensions that prevent energy from flowing freely, awakening our spontaneous vitality.

Aneesha, the leaders and the teachers of the Training, supported by few well experienced certified practitioners, are giving us a precious opportunity to reconnect to the ability of the body to feel, in a joyful, playful and relaxed way with physical exercises, conscious breathing, meditation techniques and teaching and sharing moments.

You could need to prepare a private space where to sit and to move standing and to lie down comfortably. A blanket and a pillow.

English and Italian translation available for all the meetings.

Back to the Body: Osho Pulsation ONLINE 1

03 February 6pm to 8pm CET with Aneesha Dillon and Magna David Rasulo

Aneesha Dillon, the founder of the method, will lead us at the roots of Osho Pulsation Bodywork.

Retracing some of her experiences, we will touch the origins, the principles and the goals of the Reichian practices that flourished in her encounter with Osho.

Listening to the sensations and to the flow of the breath, celebrating the naturalness of life in our body, will accompany us on a small journey towards a greater integration with ourselves.

Let the Flow happen: Osho Pulsation ONLINE 2

10 February 6pm to 8pm CET with Magna David Rasulo

We are all born as wild, creative beings, free to feel and express ourselves, in resonance with the pulsation of life…

Very soon we learn to adapt to the demands and rules of the environment in which we live by developing a complex system of emotional and physical tensions that allows us to make the expression of our vitality more acceptable, while moving away from that natural flow of impulses with which we were born.

We create a set of beliefs made up of behaviours and wrong feelings that we need to manage.

In the light of the explorations of Wilhelm Reich, Charles Kelley and Osho we will try to create a safe space in which to rework and relieve our tensions, decreasing the accumulated stress and expanding the ability to feel “at ease” with the different “waves” of our vitality.

Dropping the Mask and Claiming back your Voice: Osho Pulsation ONLINE 3

17 February 6pm to 8pm CET with Maitri Paola Gradara e Devi Deniz Karadenizli

Our face is like a window to the external world. Through that window, we meet people and form relationships and sometimes hide our true nature behind.  Many factors have shaped it such as our conditioning, education, family system and life experiences. 

In this meeting, we will focus on our face: the eyes, the mouth, the jaw and the throat muscles that we often use to hold our natural expressions. Expressive body movements, breathing and the use of our voice will be used as instruments to free up and harmonize the body.

The Way of the Pulsating Heart: Osho Pulsation ONLINE 4

24 February 6pm to 8pm CET with Nirdosh Pierluigi Andreassi

We will start diving into a wide muscular district Reich called the thoracic segment, including chest, arms and hands. Here we meet very profound human qualities connected with the energy center of the Heart.

Working with the heart, the basic way as I see, it is to “allow”. Allow the heart to open… or allow it to stay closed. Drawing from that courage supporting us to “Be with”. To be with the wounding of the heart, with its exquisite vulnerability.

The availability to allow its rhythm, its own opening and closing pulsation is the quality that supports the heart to flower. In this meeting we will explore this space with bodywork and meditations.

Vital Body, Vibrant Energy: Osho Pulsation ONLINE 5

03 March 6pm to 8pm CET with Leela Federica Araco

A theoretical-practical dive into both maps on which Pulsation is based: the “muscular armouring” identified by Wilhelm Reich and the “seven chakra” map, the Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda subtle physiology centers.

By integrating Bioenergetics and Meditation, we will explore the muscular tensions in our body with their multiple implications to understand their hidden messages and to reconnect to the source of our spontaneous vitality.

The Pulsating Body as a Doorway to Meditation: Osho Pulsation ONLINE 6

10 March 6pm to 8pm CET with Aneesha Dillon

“Through these weeks of Pulsation practices, our bodies have released some tensions and holding from the muscular armour. Our life energy naturally flows more freely through the body, and inner sensitivity has grown.

As relaxation deepens, we begin to enjoy the pleasurable expansion of breath as consciousness penetrates softly, even deeper into the body, and at the same time, reaches higher towards the sky.

There, at the vertical core, near the spine, lives a channel of aliveness that pulsates life and joy, silence and peace.

Riding the breath, let’s go there together!”

The participation fees imply a minimum contribution and are entirely donated to Miasto as support. You decide how much to donate based on what you feel is right and on your availability.

Each single meeting counts on a minimum contribution of at least € 10.00.

Those who decide to attend the entire course of 6 meetings can offer a minimum contribution of at least € 50.00.

These activities require the CONACREIS membership renewed to 2021 (available for € 18,00).

Payments can be made by bank transfer, credit card or Pay Pal.

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